Children ages 6 to 11

A child self-report
The Dominic Interactive is a comprehensive self-report for fast screening of the most frequent mental health problems in the middle childhood period:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Behaviour problems

It provides instant results.

The Dominic Interactive is self-administered, computerized and multimedia. Combining colourful pictures, text and a voiceover with child-computer interaction, it is both a game and a highly standardized test.

Because cognitive theories suggest that external information input through multiple sensory channels generates better information processing and understanding, this instrument yields adequate psychometric properties with children as young as age 6.

The 91-item Dominic Interactive is based on the DSM-IV-TR and also includes a Strengths and Competencies scale.

First developed in the early eighties as a classic paper-pencil test, it has undergone several upgrades and evolved into a captivating interactive and computerized instrument.

Why use the Dominic Interactive?
It gives precedence to the child’s point of view
Professionals know the parent’s or the teacher’s point of view from the start, because it exposes the presenting problem.

The Dominic Interactive gives children the means to freely communicate their own point of view. It provides a set-up that is adapted to their limited abilities and captures their interest in order to reduce the influence of the environment.

It reduces the influence of the environment
The child-software interactions of the Dominic Interactive are similar to the child-edutainment software interactions most children are already familiar with.

  • This brings the child to a place unrelated with the assessment setting.
  • The evaluator’s presence tends to fade away (most children do not respond in the same way to a man or a woman).
  • This makes the DSM-IV-TR concepts readily accessible in a factual, non-judgmental, non-threatening and non-intrusive, child-friendly way that respects the child.

It is developmentally appropriate

  • The Dominic Interactive can be administered in only 15 minutes on average, respecting the child’s attention span.
  • Combining auditory and visual symptom items generates better understanding than more traditional questionnaires and decreases dependency on the child’s vocabulary or literacy.
  • Due to limited comprehension of abstract concepts in this age group, DSM-IV-TR queries about frequency, duration or age of onset of symptoms were not included.

It uses a common language
Because the DSM-IV-TR represents the existing consensus among mental health professionals, the Dominic Interactive is DSM-IV-TR-based. Although this classification defines neither the outer limits of diagnostic entities nor their causes, it serves as a common language.

Technical information

  • The Dominic Interactive requires a PC computer.
  • The Dominic Interactive package includes a CD-ROM containing the program and administration licenses (applications or interviews).
  • The Dominic Interactive installs itself on the hard drive (314 Mo). It may be copied on as many computers as needed.
  • An icon appears on the desktop. To start the Dominic Interactive, click the icon.
  • The program works together with administration licenses. Licenses can be downloaded from the USB key (like a phone card, it holds the purchased number of applications), or from the Internet (see To Order).
  • Results are recorded on the hard drive under the user’s name to protect confidentiality.
  • For more information, click the Help Slide Show button in the software Main Menu.

System requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® Family Edition Basic/Family Edition Premium/Professional/Integral Edition
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 Family Edition/Professional/Media Center Edition
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7

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