A glance at the adolescent’s emotional world

Results tables
Results offer an overview of the adolescent’s emotional world from her/his own standpoint.

Instant printable results display scores for the 7 diagnostic categories and the Strengths and Competencies scale as well as 3 summary scores (internalizing, externalizing and total score).

Cut-off points
Because the severity of the psychopathology matches the number of symptoms, instruments are more precise at both ends of the 0%-100% continuum of symptoms. Thus, subjects scoring close to the cut-off points are more likely to be misclassified (false positives or false negatives). That risk is increased because the Dominic Interactive does not study symptom frequency or duration.

Therefore, two cut-off points were established for each symptom score. As suggested in psychology, lower and higher cut-offs are one and two standard deviations away from the mean. These two cut-off points generate three categories:

Likely normal (green dot)

There may be a problem (yellow dot)

Problem is likely (red dot)

An alert signals whether suicidal ideas were endorsed.

Another alert signals response set, the preferred strategy of adolescents who oppose the assessment.

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