What happens when I insert the CD-ROM in the computer ?
The CD-ROM copies itself on the computer hard drive. An assistant guides you through the installation process.
May I copy the CD-ROM on several computers?
Yes. The CD-ROM may be copied on as many computers as desired. Once installed on a computer you don’t need the CD-ROM anymore.
How to open the Dominic Interactive/Adolescent?
Just click the icon on the desktop.
How to download administration licenses?
The program asks you to download administration licenses from the internet. When the USB key is inserted within the computer the program asks how many administration licenses you want to download from the key. You may download one or several administrations licenses.
Warning: administration licenses downloaded within a computer cannot be moved again.
Are there any differences between the USB key and Internet administration license?
No there are no differences whatsoever. In most School boards, Hospitals, etc., however, firewalls prevent the downloading of administration licenses. Therefore we favor the USB key.
How to order Internet administration licenses?
Go to the «To Order» button and just follow the instructions.
When is an administration license being used up?
Administration licenses are used up with the last question.
Administration licenses for the Dominique Interactive and the Dominic Adolescent
The same administration licenses work for both the Dominique Interactive and the Dominic Adolescent.
Warning: when both programs are installed on the same computer the total number of administration licenses in the computer show up on both programs.
Where are the results being saved?
Results are saved in a file named profiles.dat. to access it click C, Documents and Settings, your User Name, profiles.dat
How to erase results?
To erase every result, just erase the Profiles.dat file
To erase chosen results, in the Main Menu open Previous Files, right click the file(s) to erase, then click erase in the menu.
How to organize Previous Files?
In the Main Menu open Previous Files, and click the titles of the desired column.
How to export Results?
In the Main Menu open Previous Files, right click the file(s) to export. Exported results are saved in a..txt file.
May I fill out the child profile before the assessment?
Yes. When you’ll leave the «Child Profile» page a window will ask you if you want to save the profile. Click Yes. The profile is saved in «Previous Files».
A Proxi allows the Dominic to connect with local networks.